What Makes Rugby Union And Rugby League Different?

What Makes Rugby Union And Rugby League Different?. Rugby union is often referred to rugby only. When people talk about rugby, it is almost definite that rugby union that being discussed. If the two were compared, rugby union is more popular than rugby league. However, they are both popular. While rugby league is more popular in the North of England, rugby is more popular in the the South of the country. Both games look similar but they are different. There might be some differences that can make you finally realize how both are different games even though they look the same. If you are new fan of rugby games, might as well learning more about the differences so you won’t get confused the two.

What Makes Rugby Union

Key points of differences of rugby union and league

The very first thing that can differentiate rugby unions from rugby league is the number of the players. In rugby union, there are 15 players of each team. Meanwhile, rugby league has 13 players of each team. Both are played by two team competing each other by scoring goals. Another difference is that rugby union can only make eight substitutions while rugby league can make it ten. The number of substitutions influence the dynamic of the game. Rugby league has higher number of substitutions which means the game requires higher level of stamina and fitness. It also means that there is higher risks of collision and injuries. In rugby union, the pitch is bigger due to more players.

What Makes

The system of points is also different between rugby union and league. In rugby, a try earns you 5 points, drop goals and penalties earn you 3 points and conversion earns you 2 points. Meanwhile, a try earns you 4 points, penalties earn you 2 points, conversion earns you 2 points, and drop goal earns you 1 point in rugby league. This may be confusing for the new fans of rugby who watches the two games because the point awarding is different.

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Notice between rugby union and rugby league

You will also notice the difference between rugby union and rugby league from how the games are played. In rugby , you can see that when a person is tackled. There is a ruck forming to compete for the ball. Meanwhile, there is nothing like that in rugby league because when a player is tackled. The player should roll the ball back instead. The player should do it with his feet. There is also famous terms ‘Chicken Scratch’ in rugby league. It is when two players from different team contest for the ball.

In rugby, there is no tackle limit while in rugby league. There is a tackle limit in which each team can only be tackled 6 times. If the team has reached the limit, they should give the ball to the opposite team. In rugby, a player can be tackled to 30 to 40 time. Without giving the possession of the ball to the opposite team. It looks so exhausting because the player can be tackled as many times as possible while keeping the ball.